A Recruiting Leader’s LinkedIn Wishlist

“LinkedIn is where Monster was 10 years ago.” In the 12 months since I took on the talent acquisition leadership at my company, I have heard this phrase or some variant of it uttered repeatedly by recruiting professionals, sometimes in very public settings. It’s often accompanied by, “I can’t wait for a good alternative to come along.”

Companies in leadership positions often become the ones people love to hate. There are competitive catalysts for this, with would-be upstarts trying to take down the top dog by propagating critiques. But much of this can also be self-made; a strong position can lead to conservatism, which can breed slowness and even inaction (cue The Innovator’s Dilemma, Only the Paranoid Survive, and a raft of other management tomes). You start to operate more like Congress than the scrappy company you once were. Also, as the organization goes looking for new avenues of growth, it can neglect the clients that formed its initial base of business.

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